Ammon Cunningham blogs regularly about his adventures. This avid traveler enjoys writing about travel destinations in Utah and beyond. Having visited the Heber Valley Historic Railroad based out of Utah’s Heber City, Cunningham wanted to share this passenger train site with others. Venturing from Heber City to Vivian Park, excursions take interested travelers through the state’s Provo Canyon on sight-seeing tours. Although the ride is only approximately three hours long for the 32-mile trip — round-trip — numerous landmarks can be seen from the slow train ride.

The Heber Valley Historic Railroad takes riders beyond Cascade Mountain, Deer Creek Dam and Reservoir, Sundance Ski Resort, Mount Timpanogos, the Provo River, Tate Barn and Soldier Hollow. These well-known Utah sites can all be viewed along the journey in addition to various wildlife and beautiful landscapes.

The line was once used as part of the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad, connecting the city to Provo, Utah. Current operations of the historic railroad tour began around 1970. Although various lines have operated recreationally since that time, tourist use has spanned these four-plus decades, sharing Utah’s historic line and land with visitors. Additionally, the rail line was used during the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City — known as Olympic Steam Team — and carried numerous spectators from Heber City to Soldier Hollow’s venue.