Lifelong traveler and travel blogger Ammon Cunningham loves his home state of Utah. However, he wants everyone in the world to know that Utah is far more than a great place to live. He is proud to tell anyone willing to listen that his home state has many of the world’s most magnificent travel destinations. One of the best actually sits just outside the state’s largest city and capital, Salt Lake City. Quite simply, one of the most amazing tourist attractions in the entire world is The Great Salt Lake.

As Ammon Cunningham happily blogs about it whenever he gets the chance, the most impressive aspect of the Great Salt Lake is its enormous size. While, in its current state it is the largest and deepest inland lake west of the Mississippi, it is actually a remnant of a much larger body of water. While large, the current lake is actually just a remnant of the much larger body of water, Lake Bonneville. Over many centuries, Lake Bonneville evaporated, causing the water table to fall until it left Utah with the Great Salt Lake Desert, more popularly known as the Bonneville Salt Flats. The Great Salt Lake is much saltier than most other bodies of water, including oceans, which means bathers can float without sinking. The Great Salt Lake also features a recreation area and numerous beaches on the south end.