Because he is a travel blogger of some note, as well as a prolific tourist himself, Utah is not just home to Ammon Cunningham. No, it’s a lot more than that. Ammon sees Utah as a top-of-the-line travel destination that should appeal to almost anyone in the world. The beauty inherent in the state is incredible and he believes everyone should see it at least once. And there are few travel destinations more spectacular than the Great Salt Lake, which just happens so sit just outside the largest city in the state.

The Great Salt Lake is actually very impressive, and Ammon Cunningham likes to blog about it every chance he gets. The largest and deepest inland lake west of the Mississippi River, the lake is actually a small remnant of what it used to be, back when it was a small part of Lake Bonneville. Over many centuries, evaporation caused the water table to fall and leave behind the Great Salt Lake Desert, also widely known as the Bonneville Salt Flats. While, in its current state, the Great Salt Lake is saltier than most other bodies of water, including oceans, it actually used to be even saltier.